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Remembrance 2023,

Hatfield St Lawrence

Working on the north clerestory,  on scaffolding provided by the excellent Leeds Access Company


Journeys - Teithiau Rotherhithe 2023

Friday 16th -Sunday 18th June 2023 

Holy Trinity Church, Rotherhithe SE16 5HF

A travelling exhibition of small stained glass artworks on the theme of Journeys, by Jonathan and five other stained glass artists. At this venue  they are joined by talented illustrator Sandra Doyle.

In late 2021, a sheet of hand made streaky glass made by English Antique Glass was cut into six equal parts, with lots drawn to allocate a piece to each artist.  They are responding in separate and individual ways, creating six new works which will be brought together and seen for the first time at Rotherhithe in a unique collaboration. 


This weekend exhibition has been planned to coincide with Music Antica Rotherhithe's first concert of the new season,  Saturday 17th June at 7.30pm, featuring La Commediante – Banchieri’s madrigal comedy Barca di Venezia per Padova and extracts from Landi’s La Morte d’Orfeo for details

Travellers in a landscape (detail) .jpeg

Travellers in a Landscape 2022 (detail) for Journeys exhibition


April 2022: on site, Liverpool Cathedral

August 2022: new window by Gareth Morgan, painted and leaded by Jonathan

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